The Art of Vintage Audio Repair

Your audio gear has been around a while and it needs to be brought back to life differently than if it was just a few years old. More than just cleaning the decades-old dust from the outside and inside is required. Like everything that gets old, some of the electronic components may have worn out or become unstable. Others may have degraded and no longer pass music through clearly. Vintage Audio Repair and Restoration finds these components and either replaces or refurbishes them so you can enjoy the original high wattage sound and low distortion you once listened to. Vintage Audio Repair and Restoration restores the clarity and performance of your gear.

After your system has been restored to higher performance, we will provide you with a spec sheet – an electronic health report – so you can be assured your stereo is once again delivering the performance you once enjoyed in the past. We do this with your budget in mind and we will keep you informed throughout the repair process.

It is in our DNA – Bringing Back Music – ClearlySM