Who We Are

We started repairing stereos in the ’70s and ’80s at a progressive stereo store in the Midwest. The store provided warranty service for most of the major brands, including McIntosh, Dual, Garrard, Phillips, Advent, Pioneer, Crown, Nakamichi, Sherwood, Hitachi, Onkyo, Sansui, Harmon Kardon, Phase Linear and many more. This is where our repair expertise on vintage audio came from.

        Vintage Audio Repair and Restoration believes that having the right test equipment is the only way to repair or refurbish your stereo correctly. Not only will we repair your stereo, but we will provide you with a report on its health.

Whether tuning up your stereo system or upgrading components to restore its original sound, we will keep you informed of every step of the repair process, from estimating, to whether it needs parts or not, and when those parts will be in. We will treat your stereo like it is ours – with care and respect, so you can once again enjoy big sound. Vintage Audio Repair and Restoration: Bringing Back Music -ClearlySM